About categories

Categories are a bit like budgets. You might start to notice how some things don’t need a budget, but do need some kind of meta-thing. A category might work. “Furniture”, “interest”, “shoes” and “lunch” are perfect categories.

  • Daily groceries
  • Money management
  • Lunch
  • Car
  • Public transport
  • House

But there is also income (deposits) that you might want to give a category:

  • Taxes
  • Salary

Each transaction can be given a category. This will show you what you spent your money on, or where it is coming from. Firefly III allows you to dynamically create and manage categories. Fancy charts will show you how your money is divided over categories. There is a category report that can show you exactly what is happening within a category.

Firefly III also features budgets. These are also interesting and useful, but slightly different.