About piggy banks

If you want to buy something expensive, you might need to save for it. Use piggy banks to save money.

In Firefly, a piggy bank works as follows:

  1. You create a piggy bank with a name, a target amount and the asset account on which you store the money you’re saving.
  2. You can add the “available” money on the asset account to the piggy bank.
  3. You can also remove money from a piggy bank of course.
  4. One asset account may be used for many piggy banks.

For example: an asset account with 1000,- on it is used for three piggy banks:

  1. A new digital camera
  2. Emergency fund
  3. Upcoming car maintenance.

The first piggy bank has just 50,- in it. The emergency fund piggy bank is at 500,-. And the car maintenance piggy bank has 300,- in it. This leaves 150,- free for yet another piggy bank or for other purposes.